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Here's a step-by-step guide to listing an item for sale by ,auction- make me - offer or buy NOW .

Most steps are the same for all types of listing.

1. Start by clicking on the Sell link on the main TOP RIGHT navigation bar:

2. Choose whether you would like the item listed on the main site,

in your shop only (if you have a shop ) or in both locations.

Note that shop-only items will only be visible to visitors to your store.

3. Choose a main category for your item. The active category list is

indicated by an orange border - each time you select a category, a list

of appropriate sub-categories will be displayed until no further detail is


Once the category has been finalized, the Next Step button will be


4. You may select an additional category for your item if you wish. Some

items fit naturally into more than one category, and having an

additional category can help more users find your item.

5. You now need to specify the Item Details. Once you have done this,

click Next Step to continue:

Simply click on a category to select it:

Field Name Description

Choose Listing

Type In most circumstances a full listing is more suitable. If you find that many of the options you

are offered are not relevant, try a quick listing.

Item Title Enter a title for your item. This will be displayed in category listings and search results.

Description Enter a description of your item. Generally, the more detail you can provide, the better.

Main Category This confirms your choice of main listing category.

Additional Category This confirms your choice of additional listing (Fee)

category (if any).

Voucher Settings Include any voucher codes you may have in this field. Otherwise it should be left blank.

6. The next stage is to configure the settings for your item:

Type Choose between standard (listing one item) and Dutch (listing multiple, identical items)

Currency Choose the currency you wish to use

Quantity Specify how many items you are selling

Auction Starts At Specify the starting bid for your auction

Enable Reserve If you would like a reserve price, check this box. A reserve price prevents an item selling below a certain price, regardless of how much the final bid is for.

Reserve Price Enter the reserve price if applicable

Buy Out price A Buy Out price enables bidders to buy your item instantly - without having to wait for the auction to end.

Offer Range If you are willing to accept offers for your item, you can specify the price range you are prepared to consider or leave blank.

Bid Increment This controls how much more each bid is than the previous bid. In most circumstances the default choice will be suitable.

Item Featuring This allows you to promote your item more widely - choose any combination of featuring you would like. (fee)

Start Time Allows you to choose to start your auction now, or at a later time.

End Time Choose the duration of your auction - from a standard range of options or by specifying a specific future date.

Private Auction If you would like to hide user ids of bidders from other users, select a private auction. Bidders' user ids will still be visible to you, the seller.

Accept Swap Offers Indicate whether you are prepared to swap your item for a suitable alternative.

Member of Group If you are a member of a listed group, select it here. If not, disregard this section.

Item Condition Use the drop-down menu to specify the condition of your item.

Add any specific comments into the text field above.


Upload up to 2 images of the item you are listing. Files can be uploaded from your computer or from another website.More images Fee Payable

Media Upload a video file of your item. Files can be uploaded from your computer or from another website. Fee payable

Auto Relist Enable the automatic relisting of your item. You can choose to have it relisted only in the case it does not sell and can specify how many times it

will be automatically relisted.

Location Confirm the location details of your item. By default, this will be set to be the same location your user is registered at.

Shipping & Payment

The next step is to specify shipping and payment details for your item.

a. Shipping & Payment Details

Specify whether the buyer or seller should pay for postage. If itīs buyer collect or you are delivering select accordingly, but leave charge blank

Specify the postage and insurance costs.

b. Direct Payment

Check the box next to each of the direct payment methods that

you will accept.

c. Offline Payment

Check the box next to each of the offline payment methods that you will accept. Note that you and the buyer, should be equipped to

handle these payment methods yourself.

Preview your listing - see how it will look to buyers and make any

changes necessary using the Previous Step button.

You can also choose to Save As Draft - this will save your listing and

allow you to return to it later.

If you are happy with the listing, press the List button to publish the listing. You will then see a message confirming that it has been

accepted and informing you of the fee for the listing:

Prefilled Fields Regular sellers may find that they have certain fields that always require the same data to be entered into them. The Prefilled Fields page allows this

information to be saved and automatically populated into your auction listings.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us via the contact button Many thanks

The auction watch features notifies you of newly listed auctions which contain keywords you have chosen. For example if you are looking for a new Digital Camera you could enter in those keywords from within your members area area. Each time a new auction is listed containing those keywords you will be notified via email.

The item watch features lets you keep a close eye on any auction without having to place a bid on it. This feature means you can be kept up to date on how an auction is doing and prepares you to place a winning last minute bid. You can watch any auction by clicking on the Watch this item Ě link on any auction page.

If the option is available you can use Buy OutĚ to purchase the item immediately without having to place a bid. Some sellers offer such an option which can be used at any time until a bid has been placed over any applicable reserve price.

The Buy Out option will appear on the item details page, you will be asked to confirm your intention to buy out the item before the sale is concluded. Buy out cannot be retracted.

To create your account choose the Register Ě link on the header navigational bar or use any of the links available on the home page.

When registering you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as your contact details, preferred login credentials etc.

Mandatory fields include:-

· Name

· City

· State/Province/county

· Zip/Post Code

· Phone Number

· Birthday

· Username & Password

· E-Mail address

· Confirmation of terms an conditions acceptance

The paypal account is optional you do not require a paypal account to use buy or sell on this site -

Once registered, you will receive E-Mail confirmation.

Should you encounter any registration difficulties please contact us.

Placing a bid on an item you are interested in couldnt be easier, when viewing the item details page you will have two areas from where you can place your bid, one next to the item details and a second at the bottom of the page.

To place your bid simply enter the amount you wish to bid e.g. 50.00. Please note no currency symbols are required. The bid will be placed in the auction currency.

Once done you will be asked to review your bid and you will also be able to view vital item details such as the shipping conditions before confirming your bid. To submit your bid simply press the Place BidĚ button.

If your bid is high enough to take the lead in the auction a confirmation message will be displayed to you, however if your bid has not taken the lead be it due to a higher proxy bid or not meeting the reserve price you will be invited to make a further bid.

Should you decide to retract your bid this can be done via the Current BidsĚ section of the members area.

You can also place a proxy bid, proxy bidding allows you to place your Highest BidĚ. At all times you will only pay the lowest required bid should you win the auction. For example, if the current bid on an auction is 5.00 you can place a proxy bid of 20,00. Should you remain the only bidder you will only pay 50.00. However should the item receive other bids the site will automatically re-bid for you (upto 20,00 in this scenario) to ensure you remain in the lead.

If you wish to block certain users from bidding on any of your items, you can
add their usernames to this page: Click on the Add User link to block a user. You can also specify the reason
you have blocked them, and blocked users can be deleted (unblocked).

Admin will review blocked users and in certain cases will remove them from the panel