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Frequently Asked Questions

User Registration
Registering is very quick and simple, and uses an email
confirmation process to avoid fraudulent or spam sign-ups.
1. Start by going to the home page and clicking on the
register link on the navigation bar.
2. Enter your details into the registration form (note: Date of birth must be
entered in the format DDMMYY, with no other characters):
A Paypal account is not required if you do not have one leave it blank.
3. Click on the Register button and the bottom of the form to complete
your registration. You will now be sent a confirmation email.
4. Check your email for a confirmation email. When you
Receive this, click on the link it contains complete the registration
5. You can now login and begin buying and selling items:
After logging in, you will be taken to the Members' Area. This gives you
access to all of the main functionality of the auction system and to a list of
item categories, showing you how many items are for sale in each one:

The main areas of functionality in the members' area are:
Messaging - send and receive private messages about auction
Bidding - this section gives you an overview of your current
auction activity:
 Current Bids
 Won Items
 Invoices Received
 Watched Items
Favourite Stores
Selling - Manage your selling activities
Reputation - view the feedback you have given and received for each item you have bought and sold

About Me - create your own "About Me" page, to enable other
members to find out a little more about you and your interests

My Store - setup and configure your own "stores" - a private
shop where only your items are listed (Additional Fee)

Wanted Ads - view your current and closed Wanted Ads and
create new Wanted Ads

My Account - view and modify your account details and carry

The messaging section of the Members' Area allows you to read, delete and
reply to all the messages you have sent and received:
Click on Received or Sent to see a list of your messages.
To read a message, simply click on the "To" or "From" user id and the
message will load for you:

The Bidding section provides you with an overview of all the items you have
bid on lists items you have won, outstanding invoices and items you are

The Bidding section also provides access to your Favourite Stores list.
Managing & Placing Bids

At the heart of your auction experience is bidding on items you'd like to buy.
you can purchase items in several ways:
Standard bidding
Proxy Bidding
Make an Offer
Buy Out
You can see detailed examples for each type of bidding option below.

Standard & Proxy Bidding
Standard bidding is the most common way to bid on an item, and is exactly
the same as the process used in real-world auction rooms. You bid the
minimum amount needed to outbid the current high bidder.

A Proxy bid means that you bid an amount that is higher than necessary. The
auction software will raise your actual bid to the minimum necessary, but will
remember your maximum.

If someone else comes along and tries to outbid you, the auction software will
automatically place additional bids on your behalf up to the value of your
proxy bid. This means you can stay on top of the bidding without having to be
near a computer.

Make an Offer Some sellers allow potential buyers to make an offer to buy their items, to
avoid having to wait for the auction to finish.
If a seller is open to offers, you will see a logo like this in the item listing:
The Make Offer section of the listing also contains information about the price
range in which offers can be made.

Swap Offers
Instead of monetary offers, some sellers will accept Swap Offers - offers of
an item of appropriate value in exchange for the item being sold. The swap
offer process works in a very similar way to the standard Make Offer process.
1. If the seller of the item you are interested in accepts Swap Offers, you
will see an entry like this in the item listing:
Click on the Make An Offer link and enter a description of the swap
you are proposing:
Click Proceed and you will see a confirmation message confirming that
your swap offer has been passed to the seller.

Some sellers allow items to be purchased instantly at a fixed price, regardless
of any auction bidding that has taken place. This feature is called Buy Out.
You will see this logo in item listings offering the Buy Out facility.
The Buy Out price will be stated directly below the Buy Out logo.
1. To purchase an item with Buy Out, click on the Buy Out logo:
2. You will be taken to a confirmation page showing the Buy Out price,
postage costs and payment methods for the item:
Click Proceed if you are happy to continue.
3. Your purchase will now be confirmed and you will be able to pay the
seller's invoice:
If you would like to track the progress of an auction without bidding on it, you
can choose to watch the item.
1. In every item listing, you will see a Watch This Item link - like this:
To add an item to your Watched Items list, simply click on this link:

Seller can operate their own stores within the auction site.
Buyers can select a store as a favourite which allows you quick and easy access to it directly
from your Members' Area, without having to search for it.
1. To access a complete list of stores or to search the store directory,
click on the stores link in the navigation bar:
At the top of each store's home page, there is an Add To Favourites
link. Click this to add this store to your Favourite Stores